Industry insights are the roots of our expertise and procect experience. Our consultants have designated experiences in our focus industries, mainly on board level and on second level management positions.

Our Focus Industries
Telecommunication and Information Technology (ICT)

These nearly merged industries, their changes, connections and integration are the roots of the experiences of the VIYEMA consultants, partly for more than 20 years. With the background knowledge of the development of the business models, their changes and merges, we have all preconditions to shape also the future of your business with you in a solid and innovative way.

Energy / Renewable Energies

Our industry knowledge is strongly marked in the field of renewable energies such wind and solar industries, as well as in the conventional energy industry. Through the long-term connection with this industry, we have extensive competences in strategies and business contents as well as in the process world of the energy industry.

Manufacturing and Plant Engineering

No matter if a general management background is required or a focus on sales, service, commercial processing or supply chain – our entrepreneurial view on the challenges of a rapidly changing market helps you to achieve better results. With our long-term experience, we support you with knowledge of many best practices from machinery and plant engineering.

Software and Technology

Application software, middleware or embedded systems: we know the strategies and drivers in these businesses. Cloud technologies are becoming more and more the dominating success factor. We precisely understand innovative technologies and solutions such as encryption systems, hybrid cloud approaches, mobility solutions up to smart system offers. On this basis, we support you in aligning your business, capturing new markets or developing partnerships and sales concepts.

Internet, E-Commerce and Media

The Internet permanently creates innovative business models and demands business visions at the same time. Classical and virtual business models are closely connected, and they merge increasingly. Evolutionary and sometimes also disruptive strategies are requested. We do not only support existing companies to push forward their digitalisation, we are also closely familiar and engaged in the start-up environment.

Mobility and Public Transport

In public transport mobility clusters have already been formed, flexible mobility concepts replace rigid travel routes from station to station. Multimodality will enable an environmentally-friendly, resource-optimized and comfortable daily journey. Together with you, we gradually find ways of shaping change with a sense of proportion. Utilize our longstanding experience and our existing solution portfolio including the area of big data and digitalization (SD4M), in order to create and ensure interoperability of  Smart Mobility Services for your transport company.