The expertise and project experience we have, is the root of our industrial knowledge. We focus on certain industries where our consultants have proven experience. The board, executive or divisional levels is the base of our experience.

Our focus industries
Telecommunications and Information Technology (IT)

The VIYEMA consultants gained their 20 years of experience from the changes, connections and integration of the merging industries. We can help you with a solid and innovative shape for your business through the knowledge we have in the development, changes and merging of business models.

Energy Industry / Renewable Energies

We have highly developed experience in the professional industry in renewable energies such as wind, solar and the conventional energy.
The extensive expertise we have in strategies, business contents and processes come from our long-standing relationship with the energy industry.

Mechanical and plant engineering

With the rapidly changing global market, our entrepreneurial view can help you achieve better results in general management background, sales, service, commercial processing or supply chain. With our knowledge acquired in many years of experience, we can support you in mechanical and plant engineering.

Public transportation and mobility

The public-transportation concept of rigid travel routes from stop to stop are being replaced with a flexible mobility into a form of “mobility clusters”. The new mobility concept enables a more environment friendly, resource-optimised and comfortable transportation. We will help you with the step by step change of this concept. To create an interoperability for Smart Mobility Services for your transportation company, take advantage of our industry experience and existing solution portfolios for Big Data and Digitization (SD4M).