Value Proposition

VIYEMA =  the partner for the implementation of your entrepreneurial vision
VI = vision, entrepreneurial – YEMA = Spanish: the best, the finest

As your project partner with a vision and pragmatic solutions, our mission is to recognise our customers’ current and future needs, to identify methods for improvement and to generate high customer benefits.

Our number-one focus is developing feasible concepts and efficient solutions. We never lose sight of quality and profitability. Whether your company is large or small, VIYEMA helps you to quickly achieve results of value in a complex environment.

Our customers benefit from our experience and from our comprehension of the most diverse challenges. And our goal is always increasing the success and value of your enterprise.

Tailored to Your Needs

Due to their experience, our consultants can take over the most diverse tasks, e.g. as methodically oriented management consultant, manager of complex projects, moderator, coach or interim manager.

Core team

Stefan-George-Ring 22
81929 München

Tel: +49 (0)89/45 21 74 71